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What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is an attitude.  It's about curiosity, adventure, new ways of thinking and new ways of learning.

The Scottish Institute of NLP has been set up by Rebecca Bonnington and Colette Grant to ensure people like you learn NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner with well qualified, ethical and inspirational trainers.

NLP is a powerful technology and here at The Scottish Institute of NLP, we make sure our training is of the highest ethical and professional standards.


The History of NLP


During the 1970's Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder worked together to discover how certain therapists operating in the USA were getting such amazing results with their clients.  America in the 1970's was a place where many therapists were operating and experimenting with a huge range of therapies, many of which simply didn't work.

Dr Bandler noticed that Virginia Satir, an eminent family therapist and Milton Ericksson, the leading hypnotherapist in the USA at that time were getting particularly good results with their clients and getting them quickly.

Bandler and Grinder set out to learn more by watching these people at work and they noticed that they used particular language patterns to create changes in the way their clients thought.  This in turn, brought about big shifts in their client's thinking and big positive changes.

From Satir's work, the Meta Model was born and from Ericksson's work, the Milton Model was born.  These are the two patterns of language that form the foundations of NLP.

Bandler went onto to develop various techniques within NLP by observing how people recovered from phobias, anxiety, depression and other disorders on their own.  He modelled what worked for people and discarded everything that didn't work.

Crucially, Bandler observed that people gave away clues as to how they were thinking in the language they use and noticed that by making subtle changes to the pictures people make in their heads or the way they talk to themselves or where their feelings sit in their bodies that massive progress could be made very quickly indeed.

For Bandler, the old idea that change was difficult, long and painful was nonsense.  He learned that change was easy, fast and fun because he observed it in the people he worked with.

Bandler continues to work with clients, he also teaches NLP throughout the world with his team headed up by John and Kathleen LaValle.

    Rebecca Bonnington    

Rebecca Bonnington and Colette Grant both train with Dr Richard Bandler, the genius behind NLP and the LaValle's in the USA and London.  Together, Rebecca and Colette run The Scottish Institute of NLP, maintaining the highest standards of training and continually developing their own skills.  They teach NLP the way Bandler designed it to be taught and are both Licensed by The Society of NLP, the only NLP association endorsed by Dr Richard Bandler himself.

Colette Grant is a Master Business Practitioner and Master Bodywork Practitioner of NLP as well as a Licensed Trainer.  Rebecca Bonnington has a Master's degree in Coaching and is also a Master Practitioner of NLP and a Licensed Trainer.

Come and learn NLP with Colette and Rebecca, simply click on to learn more and book your place.

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